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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 12, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> focused on the debates. >> more importantly, happy birthday. >> thank you for watching, tomorrow, same time, same place. stuart, take it away. stuart: thank you very much. hillary clinton covers up her medical problems and she calls half the country racist. as for your money, heading south again, good morning, everyone. what a way to start the week, huh? look at this, first they said this near collapse was just overheating. then her campaign admits she has pneumonia. why didn't her campaign tell the full truth when this happened? now she's canceled a fund raising trip is and is resting at home. can you imagine what the media would be saying if that were donald trump? hillary clinton has another problem, she told an lbgt gathering that half the country is racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and deplorable. note to candidate, do not insult voters.
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in the future tells us the truth about e-mails, bleach bit, the foundation, and yes, please, your medical condition. donald trump told fox this morning he had a physical last week, and full results will be released very soon. so, here is the state of play. trump taking the high road. democrats circling the wagons big time and the election has just taken yet another serious jolt. here is a question for you. does this electoral mess have anything to do with the stock market selloff. the big drop on friday, it could challenge and go below 18,000. politics and money, that's what we do. and boy, do we have a show for you. "varney & company" is abo begin. >> ♪ let me tell you this, donald trump was on fox and friends on fox news this morning. it was his first statement after hillary's health crisis.
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roll tape. >> i just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail. and we'll be seeing her at the debate. last week, i took a physical and i'll be releasing when the numbers come in, hopefully they're going to be good. i think they're going to be good. i feel great, but when the numbers come in i'll be releasing, very, very specific numbe numbers. stuart: a diplomatic donald trump and yes, he will release, i should say, his health statement. okay. more on that in a moment. first, stocks, your money, the markets. we are going to open lower, but listen to this, a six-year-old brooklyn boy suffered burns when one of the recalled galaxy note 7's exploded in his hands. we've got more on this, ash. ashley: i do, a little boy at home watching videos on his samsung galaxy note seven when all of a sudden, the battery exploded and burst into flames. the little boy suffered burns
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and called 911 and they got him to the hospital. he is treated and he's back home now. samsung has for quite some time, i say in the last three days, four days, urged people to turn them off. do not charge them and bring them in for an exchange immediately. stuart: that's worldwide. >> a worldwide recall. this poor little boy suffered burns. stuart: that's the worst pr development for a major corporation. ashley: since chipotle. stuart: about as bad as that. we'll get to that later. let's get to the market. a big hit on friday, the dow dropping close on 400 points. we're going to be down this morning and probably going to challenge the 18,000 level however, we're off the lows of the day. price of oil, 45, $44 a barrel and that's where we are this monday morning. got to take a look at apple, reportedly laying off several dozen people from the self-driving car project, it's going to be down to 102 and don't forget that samsung worsening problem with their new smart phone.
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all adds up into the apple equation. how about amazon? new study, more people in rural areas are getting their basics, you know, paper towels and stuff like that, on-line from amazon. it's changing buying habits and killing the local store. we've got a lot to build up to. i'm staying on your money. nearly a 400 point drop on friday for the dow. we'll be down 40, 50 points when we open. keith fitz-gerald is with us nice and early. is this just federal reserve jitters or something else going on, keith? >> i think it is federal reserve jitters, but it's not just the u.s. fed. i think that traders got very, very nervous when mario drag hi said we've done as much as we can do, the pot calling the kettle black. and they caused in the first place. stuart: has it got to do with the election mess at home, questions about hillary's fitness for the campaign? >> you know, i think that's
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going to play into it, but play into it this week, stuart. i'm not sure that had anything to do with friday. stuart: got it. keith, join us again, please, at 9:30 when the market opens. we want to see how things move this morning. i've got to go back to politics. that video of hillary, i think, most people have probably seen it 100 times right now, and had not seen the video would have been none the wiser about her illness and nothing to say about pneumonia. tammy bruce is here this morning. you can't hide for that video. look at that, you can't hide from that. >> look, this is the perfect example, the importance of citizens and phones, and video cameras. there was no press there. without that citizen, not even a citizen journalist, perhaps he thinks of himself as one, got that information. there's a couple of other video angles as well. people with phones without that and social media we wouldn't have known. their initial reaction was a little overheating needed to go, that's understandable. the video itself is important
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because no matter your politics, it was shocking that is someone's mother, someone's wife, someone's grandmother and you see her in such a terrible position. stuart: real distress. >> in real distress. personally it was important to see, but also without that we never would have heard about the pneumonia. i have to say, with the diagnosis on friday, she continued on with a number of issues. we didn't know if it was viral or bacteriaal, but she's on antibiotics, it means it's bacteria. she then left her daughter's apartment, hugged a child and said she's fine. >> and we don't know how long she's been ill, right. stuart: i don't believe we do. when she left the 9/11 memorial service. >> yes. stuart: all we heard she was overheated. ashley: immediately lied. stuart: then the video comes out, no, no, sometime after that, it was pneumonia. ashley: a coverup liz: she was diagnosed on friday with pneumonia. stuart: they have to right to know the physical health, physical well-being of one of
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the two principal candidates of the candidates 57 days before the election. we have a right to know. ashley: how can we trust this campaign. >> in 2008 john mccain released 1200 pages of medical reports because of his age liz: and the cancer. >> and the cancer and that's legitimate, there was no complaints and mr. trump, as we know is going to be releasing some this week. it's a legitimate dynamic no matter who you are. for her it's the trust issue, for us it's a reminder these are individuals and these are serious issues. stuart: very serious issues in my opinion. donald trump says he will release a report about his own health very soon. he says he had a physical last week, full results are going to be revealed very soon. i don't know exactly when, but very soon. look at this, this is donald trump's new washington d.c. hotel. it hopes-- it's going to open two, two years ahead of schedule.
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by the way, it's the old post office building, they turned it into a luxury hotel. the washington examiner called trump the do-er in chief because he got that hotel project done. and with us is a trump guy. now, he's going-- >> that's the title, trump guy, i like that. >> i just want to be accurate. >> the new chiron. stuart: there's pressure on trump, he's going to release his medical, it better be a full physical medical results. it's in his court now. >> he said that's what he's going to do. it's about transparency. he's willing to be transparent about his health and we all wish hillary clinton a speedy recovery. stuart: you know, as soon as he releases the medical stuff, he'll be called on to release the tax stuff. >> the liberal left and media will try to use that. but the issues with the taxes
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only released 104 of the financial disclosure form, that's out there. the issue at hand and we haven't touched on it yet, not only did hillary clinton sort of script the press this weekend, we all wish her a speedy recovery, but she did leave the press in the dark for 90 minutes and that's not supposed to happen when you're running for president. and leaving the american people in the dark for 90 minutes, but going further, to go what she said on friday on wall street in front of fat cats talking half of donald trump's supporters are deplorables, the basket of deplorables and the other half don't know any better. that's absolutely ridiculous and now we know what she really thinks about the american people. stuart: you've got to say, donald trump's learned a lot about politics and came out this morning on fox and friends and took the very high road approach and he said, i'm going to say it here, i hope she gets well soon. gets back on the trail, i don't think they have to replace her. we're going to see what's going on and took the high road.
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>> that's true how he feels. we hope she gets well, but we also hope that a lesson is learned from this. lesson number one, transparency from her you talked about the issues with the diagnosis and when she tells american people what's really going on and number two is, how does she really feel about the american people. does she think you're deplorable. definitely me for sure 100%. does she think that the coal miners are deplorable? who is in the basket of deplorable, pretty much everybody, nurses, soldiers, et cetera, et cetera. stuart: you're having a good time this morning, i can tell. >> yeah, yeah. stuart: got it. back to the markets, please. here is a look at the futures, down 30-odd paints. s&p, nasdaq, same story on the points. tesla is planning to release updates on the software. elon musk says updates from the software could have prevented
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that autopilot death earlier this summer. more on hillary clinton's health scare. the campaign admits she has pneumonia. question, how serious a condition is this for a person running for the presidency? we will ask a doctor, of course, and that's next. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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>> there is a deal in the agricultural industry to tell you about, potash. and seeds and other products, they're getting together. potash is up a little bit, not much. how about agrium. the anthem and happened to be the anniversary of 9/11. what dreadful timing. four members of the miami dolphins kneel side by side. the seattle seahawks locked arms in a show of unity during
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the anthem. look at this, a play on the kansas city chiefs, raised his fist reminiscent of the 1968 olympics. i think that's appalling on 9/11 to disrespect the american flag and the anthem. do you want to take me on? liz: it was appalling and fighting this racism issue with the wrong weapons and wrong way, it's a distraction away from the issue of racism to whether people should stand during the national anthem. ashley: nfl should have a rule, you stand. >> it's more personal and almost narcissistic for the people. i love the background of protests, but my goodness, there's a time and place. it's september 11th-- >> hold on a second, donald trump arrived in lower
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manhattan at the bgc partners fundraisers for 9/11. he's literally just walking in. we hope to get him into a side room to try to ask him questions and that's a maybe, but we're-- hold on everybody, we might just get there. he just is walking in. they're raising money right there and this is new york city, of course this is september 12th, the day after the 15th anniversary of 9/11. he's going to be raising money there helping them along. and this is a trading company. this is a financial company and he's right there in the middle of it. >> suffered the worst blow on 9/11. stuart: cantor fitzgerald. that day they occupied a couple of floors of the world trade center back in the day and i think they suffered heavier losses than any other financial-- >> he lost his brother in that attack. >> how many people did they lose? how many, again? over 100 people from cantor fitzgerald. ashley: yeah. stuart: hundreds, plural, by
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the way, and that's bgc partners and that's where he is at this moment. ashley: they have an impressive list of celebrities and what have you that come in during the day and actually make sales and make calls and do trades and that kind of stuff. >> and it's clearly a culture within that company, the charity, making a difference continuing despite that horrible grevious loss for them liz: that's right, tammy. they lost 658. stuart: 658 workers for one company liz: on the 101st and 105th floor. stuart: we'll try to get a question in there if we get him into a back room. we shall see. the 9/11 memorial event in manhattan. hillary clinton i'm going to say she collapsed. she was pulled into a van by her aides. doctors say she was diagnosed with pneumonia, but that was friday. now, let's bring in fox news medical a-team. first of all, basic questions here. and how serious is a diagnosis of pneumonia for someone
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running for the president. >> if you catch pneumonia early on and you're not under a lot of stress, you're not die hydrated and treated appropriately with antibiotics. you should bounce back. in a situation like this where she's probably not getting enough seat, she has a history of dehydration, alwaysen 0 the plane, up and down and it could really affect her and the video shown looks like the tank is empty. meaning she's really weak and she almost fainted. so the doctors really have to watch out for her. stuart: she's out of-- she's off the campaign trail for today and tomorrow, supposed to be going to california fund raising. >> it's a good idea she's off the campaign. stuart: for how long. >> certainly for the next few days. stuart: days plural. >> and then we see exactly how she recovers. there's a lot of unknown. we don't know what white count she has and shows on the chest xa, if she ever got a chest x-ray, how do you diagnose pneumonia. stuart: we should know. it's 50-odd days until the
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election, she's one of two people could be president of the united states of america and virtually collapses with pneumonia at this point in time. i think we have a right to know the extent of the pneumonia diagnosis. >> in order to be able to answer you better, it's obviously much easier to look at the record and find out is it bacterial or viral. if you're out on antibiotics, you don't want to be out in the heat and some have side effects in the sun. and she needs fluids and antibiotics. and she has the chronic cough, is it some underlying bronchitis and pneumonia at the same time that's causing her to become so weak and everyone says it's allergic, allergic, she may have underlying bronchitis, the pneumonia causing a lot of inflammation of the inner lining of the lungs an with stress, lack of sleep and all of that infection, she's at the verge of collapse.
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those doctors, i'm not questioning their integrity or their success in treating her, they need to really take care of her early on before it goes too far. pneumonia could be very dangerous when you get to age of 68, 70, et cetera, devastating and obviously, we wish her well and hope she recovers. stuart: doctor, thank you very much. we appreciate that. >> appreciate it. stuart: thank you, sir. on the left-hand side of the full screen, donald trump now at bgc, that's bgc partners, and that's where he is right now. raising money for 9/11. we'll be back in just a moment. if you're taking prescription medications,
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>> moments away from the opening bell. remember, please, we come off a big drop on friday. down nearly 400 points. we're going to be testing the 18,000 level and the market opens up in about five and a half minutes and down about 50 on the dow and down on the s&p and tech stocks are down as well. let me show you some of the big name technology issues which are going to be down four minutes from now. how about facebook retreating further down to th126 level. how about google, otherwise known as alphabet, now securely
9:25 am
underneath the $800 mark. 784, 785. how about netflix? that's going to be up just a little bit, still in the mid 90's, tammy bruce is with us. dare i ask if the market selloff has anything to do with-- you've been looking at the history books. you're not a financial reporter, but tell me history. >> historically since 1900 the s&p 500 has fallen average of 1.2% in the 8th year when there's uncertainty, a lame duck dynamic politically. interestingly, there's always presumption, they look at stocks between july 31st and october 31st, people are generally of the mind if they go down, it means the opposing party will win the election. if they stay the same or go up, because of the certainty of knowing the incumbent dynac, the incumbency will win. hillary is seen as the incumbent in this dynamic, if this trend continues it looks for the sense for the opponent, it's good business for them. stuart: the dow will open lower this morning. we're looking at maybe a 50 point drop for the dow industrials.
9:26 am
we've got stories on amazon changing the way people in rural areas shop. they're going on-line and having it delivered. why not? amazon is down to 760. the day will begin for you inveors. remember, we're coming off a 400 point drop. we'll be off a little at the opening bell. and big day for money. watch it as it opens on wall street. when you have something you love,
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you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. who don't have access thto basic banking,on people but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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>> heavy anxiety before the opening bell this morning. why? because we're so far down on friday, up nearly 400 points. where are we going for the opening? 9:30, we're going to open lower, but not a huge selloff by any means. the left-hand side of the screen tells the story. most of dow opening down in the first few seconds of trading and the dow industrials, and instead of dropping 40 or 50 points. >> no, down 90 and counting, still moving lower as we speak. now, how about the s&p 500, and how is that doing? down a little less in percentage terms and how about the nasdaq, i should say. how is that doing? down about 1/2 percentage point, such as the dow. so it's a selloff across the board this monday morning. the price of gold is down, and
9:31 am
the price of oil, where is that? 44.93. that's down 2%. that's not good for stocks. now, look, some of the big name technology stocks, they are getting hit this morning. and i'm going to give you facebook, apple, amazon, all of them on the down side, not much of a loss for apple, but 103 on apple. and how about netflix, google, microsoft, same story, all of them on the down side. then we have elon musk at tesla, he says he's going to upgrade the autopilot in the way that would have prevented the only fatality attributed to it back in may. 0 up it goes, but only 22 cents. who is with us this important monday morning? ashley webster, liz macdonald, scott shellady, keith fitz-gerald. are we down because of a rate hike? i'm going around the block on this one. i can't see the federal reserve raising interest rates this year with the economy in this kind of mess. i'll start with you, scott. what do you say? >> well, i don't see them
9:32 am
raising interest rates this year at all, number one. number two, remember, stuart, i say it all the time, we started this year they were going to raise interest rates four times, where does that gone? you can't hold them too much to what they say. i think this is a reaction to how we can raise rates in the last two or three months of the year. that's what the market is reacting to. they're not reacting to raising rates, but reacting to how you raise rates. stuart: is it not possible that this continuing selloff this monday morning is partly a result of the electoral chaos that hillary clinton's health poses for this process? isn't that something to be said by investors? >> for investors, but traders causing the route today, no, i think that's about friday. the thing about the race, you and scott are rational individuals looking at the big picture. janet yellen is not looking at
9:33 am
these, ng she's going to raise rates, the only way to lower them next year to cleanup the wreckage. stuart: liz, am i totally wrong here, the health problems and the chaos of the election liz: it's the volatility and emotionally volatility range. i think that scott and keith are right, we'll hear more at 1:15, the fed governor. ashley: a life long dove and if she starts talking hawkishly, i think that will give another leg down on the market today. stuart: basically we are-- go ahead, scott. i here you. >> maybe i've been rumpelstiltskin and been asleep, but the numbers for nonfarm payrolls and ism are horrible and where are they coming up with this. stuart: well said, everybody.
9:34 am
let's go through around the block here. the s&p 500, by the way, i should tell you that the deutsche bank says this is the quiet before the storm. they say an 8, 10% drop is coming for the s&p 500. that's a broad-base stock indicator. keith, what do you make of that? >> it's like trying to predict the last two out of the ten recessions. you have to look at the other side of the house. wall street has a long history they do one thing and say another. and take that with a grain of salt. ashley: morgan stanley had said that the market is on the way up. that the people are too bullish and it's a vulnerable market liz: remember when the fed last raised rates. a selloff, and the dow broke through the 18,000 threshold moments ago. >> it's come back.
9:35 am
stuart: and now it's down 50. 18,036. i want to get back to elon musk. he says there's an upgrade to the semi self-driving system on the tesla cars. had it been in place, it would ha prevented the fatality last spring in florida. what do we know more about this? >> it's going to come via the software upgrade to strengthen the radar system to better detect a vehicle. and also, it's going to have three warnings in an hour if your hands are on the wheel. ashley: it says semi autonomous, you can't sit in the back and watch a movie. you can take your hands off the wheel, but-- >> is it teething trouble for the self-driving cars. you're bound to expect teething troubles, but apple is withdrawing from-- >> you shouldn't call it autopilot as the report says. stuart: where are we? we're down 45 points, 44 points. it's monday morning after the
9:36 am
big selloff last friday. we're down 42 points now. and where are we going to end? i don't know. how about this one, mastercard hit with a 18 billion dollars lawsuit, this is not a verdict. it's a lawsuit, claims that it ripped off consumers in britain by charging them illegally high fees, when they use their master cards in store. that's over in europe, it's not a verdict, it's a lawsuit claiming the money. the stock is down a mere 23 cents in america. how about apple? again, we're telling you, reportedly laying off dozens from its self-driving car project, and again, we'll have more on that later. apple is now up to 104. hewlett-packard buying samsung' printer business, paying a billion dollars for it. ap says it wants to bring new energy and ideas to the printing industry. agricultural merger. canada's agrium with potash and saskatchewan. who are these people?
9:37 am
>> these are all about farming, fertilizer, crops and the like, and together, and by the way, while there were some thoughts they might be some regulatory hurdles on the conference call, they said they're not likely to see regulatory hurdles and it's all about farming and fertilizer and the like. and to th, they're going-- together they're going to make one of the largest in the world. don't forget, with the pending merger of dow chemical as well as dupont, china national chemical, there's a pesticide company. so that's a big part of this deal. they'll have over $20 billion in annual revenues, they'll be saving at least 500 million dollars. just in overlap and it won't be because of head count because they're going to be firing everybody. so you can see the moves here to the upside. and they are moving higher right now. stuart: the collapse in agricultural prices is going to have some serious repercussions for everybody. now, this is a very important publicity story, an image story.
9:38 am
samsung galaxy note seven use e, globally, worldwide. you've got one of these things, do not turn it on. turn it off. and give it back to the maker. ashley: for the love of god do not attempt to charge it apparently because of the overheating exploding lithium batteries. the consumer product safety commission issuing a strong warning and don't forget, last thursday, the f.a.a. also warning passengers, to turn off their phones if they're flying, do not think about charging them, and some airlines, qantas, virgin, australia to name a few bans in place for these and of course. stuart: look at that. ashley: if you charge it in your jeep, that's what happens to the jeep. you ever seen a worse pr story for any company in your life. >> i laughed to myself, no, i haven't. their new campaign ad is wait for the eight. that's all i'm saying. stuart: keith, i would have thought it would help apple, keith.
9:39 am
something minorly assist for apple. >> i think theres' going to be overlap and people think about the type of phone they carry. apple is not immune to this either. their batteries are prone to overheating and expanding and i've had a couple of friends who have had the iphone ruined because-- >> this fascinates me and more people who live a long way away from conventional shopping areas are now using amazon to get their basics, like paper towels and stuff like that. getting it delivered. this is terrible news for bricks and mortar companies. >> it is terrible news for bricks and mortars, but it highlights the changing nature of the landscape. what is interesting to me, stuart, i think it makes farming more profitable. if farmers don't have to drive 30 miles into town and have the delivery expenses born by
9:40 am
amazon, amazon can turn a buck, that's good for investors and farmers alike. stuart: i now have the dow industrials down 22 points. ashley: coming back nicely. stuart: coming back very nicely, we were at 89 and now 19, coming back. i want to ask keith and scott, is it possible that we will end this day on the upside? [laughter]. i'm going to talk about something else, get that off the screen. is it possible that we will open up today? i'm sorry, that we will close up today? >> yeah, you know, once we came in this morning we were down a lot more than we are now. and investors get more comfortable, and there's a wall waiting for better prices and this could be one to end higher on the day, yeah. stuart: keith, what do you say? >> i'm with scott, if we have any hawkish remark, that could
9:41 am
be a problem and barring that money has to come to work. stuart: i'm going to follow the political developments of the day, i think this will have an impact on the market. take that. [laughter]. stuart: thank you very much, scott and keith, you're done, okay. those two pictures are back up again. ashley: they are, can't get rid of them. stuart: they want me to ask again, is it going to have any impact, the story about hillary's health and trump releasing his medical liz: records. stuart: records very soon, and they keep-- they want me to ask this question again, and i do think it's going to have an impact, don't you? >> no, not you? >> temporary. >> temporary at best, but no. nice dry. >> i'm flogging a dead horse. all right. enough. hillary clinton apologizing, sort of, for calling trump supporters, racists, xenophobes and allover deplorable people
9:42 am
and you'll hear from trump on that. and nigel looking at his take on hillary's attack. more after this. ♪ monday, monday ♪
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>> if you were expecting a big stock market selloff this monday morning just like we saw last friday. it didn't happen. we're down 35 points and coming back a little, we were down 85. and then there's this. boeing is making changes to its planes that could come back jet lag. i'm interested in that. what's the story, liz? >> essentially, they're changing the cabin pressure, so, in other words, inside the plane. so when they change the cabin pressure they found people suffer less jet lag.
9:46 am
i think it's a pretty smart move. ashley: probably change the pressure so you're out cold. [laughter] wake up. stuart: i'd like that. and let's get serious. hillary clinton had a fundraiser over the weekend, called trump supporters, racists, xenophobes, islamophobes and other things makes them all deplorable. hillary later admitted to some regret. she issued a kind of apology, not really. let's listen to what donald trump had to say earlier about the comments on fox and friends today. roll tape. >> personally when i heard it i thought that was not within the realm of possible that she would have said that. i is an i had to my people, check it, that she said it. and she did, and doubled up because it was said with anger,
9:47 am
anger, and i think it's the biggest mistake of the political season. stuart: the biggest mistake of the political season. and join us, we're coming to you for spiritual guidance, pastor. i've got to ask you a question, big e biggest mistake of the political season as one of tho those. >> these statements are not only deplorable, but liberals cry the loudest for tolerance, are the most intolerant for ideas. according to hillary clinton, you' you' you're xenophobic, if you're in the country, and her comments are nothing, but hate speech. >> if she wins what will she say to those of us she's
9:48 am
labeled as racist, sexist, homophobes, et cetera, et cetera. how does she recover if she wins? >> this is chilling. she's signaling if she's president, there is no tolerance for conservatives in a clinton administration. the reason it's chilling, she's going to appoint two to four supreme court justices and if she's president she'll appoint the same intolerant justices. every conservative christian in america should be concerned about that. stuart: forgive me for asking a question, you're a pastor of i'm going to call it a mega church, if you preached on sunday morning, i don't know if you did or not. did you mention what hillary clinton had to say? >> i did not.
9:49 am
my-- they tune into "varney & company." i talk about the election because the supreme court is at stake and the tolerance of real america is at stake. this is showing how intolerant liberals are of conservative beliefs. stuart: robert, i think it's the way that the elite feel about the rest of us. they do think that we're a bunch of nasty people, na they have contempt for us. >> they do. remember, stuart, in back in 2012 mitt romney was called to be disqualified about the 47%, that they wouldn't vote for him. look what clinton has said, calling people racist because they have a different viewpoint than her own. she cannot be president of this country if she believes that. stuart: robert, thanks very much for drumming up a larger audience among your
9:50 am
congregation for "varney & company," we're doing very well and we appreciate that. robert jeffers, appreciate. look at the dow industrials and more importantly the dow 30, the pro pre dominance of red and most are down. hillary clinton's health scare, if she never saw the video of her collapsing, would her campaign have told us the truth about the pneumonia diagnosis? the judge on the endless reflexive coverup next. whenpneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital. my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd waited two more days, you would've died."
9:51 am
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9:54 am
>> one more time, the video. she stumbled. i say she collapses. the immediate response of the clinton campaign is she simply overheated. then we saw the video and then we hear from the campaign. oh, no, she was diagnosed with pneumonia back on friday of last week. there seems to me to be a reflexive attitude, cover it up. judge, napolitano, if it hadn't been for the video, we never would have heard this. >> the video is terrifying. it appeared to me, as it did to you and a lot of other people as she collapsed and needed to be grabbed under both armpits. she lost her shoe from the
9:55 am
process of this happening. but you know, government has hidden medical secrets for years. i'm not saying it's right for her to do it. stuart: she hides everything, everything. >> yes, we have a right to know what we need to know about people running for president. stuart: she's surrounded by an army of lawyer and legal peoplpeople gesturing to judge napolitano. ashley: and i'm not defending this, i'm just saying it's not necessarily out of character for somebody running for president to want to appear t the. >> the epitome of health. stuart: don't you think that the clinton campaign takes it to extremes? >> we know that now. when she was coughing, she said it was an allergy and must have known it was beyond an allergy, the next day she was diagnosed
9:56 am
with pneumonia. stuart: is it possible at this very late stage at the campaign to change a major candidate? i'm not speculating whether this will happen, far from it? is it possible? because the postal val voting h started. >> it has in one or two states. it's generally possible, but remember, there is no federal election. there are 51 elections, district of columbia, and the 50 states and they all have different rules. i doubt that any state has printed ballots yet except those two and i don't know what they are, might be north carolina and i forget the other one, that have started the early balloting, but theoretically, it is possible. it is lawful for the democratic national committee, by a simple majority vote, there are 102 members, by a simple majority of votes to dislodge her and replace her with whom ever they choose. stuart: that's fascinating because it throws the electoral process into a mess, possibly, conceivably, this is a mess.
9:57 am
it's entirely possible. >> if the democrats think that the public thinks that she's too sick to run for president, they'll have to do something about it. stuart: well said, napolitano, you're back at 11 i trust. >> yes. stuart: extent day. a cease-fire started in syria tonight at sundown, that after 90 people were killed in last minute air strikes over the weekend. allen west coming up on that situation and look at this, nigel ferrare behind the brexit. he was called a racist because he led the charge for england to get out of europe. how does he feel about the comments. back in two minutes.
9:58 am
9:59 am
.. stuart: finally, hillary clinton's health has become an election issue. for months, medical questions were dismissed. conspiracy theories. the establishment consisted move along, please. nothing to see here.
10:00 am
just for a moment, just for one break shining moment, let's suppose the situation was reversed. what if donald ciampa had left the memorial service early, collapsed into the arms of their families and have to be lifted in his vehicle by secret service agents. the limo to a hospital but the privacy of apartment. the media would have been gently questioned trumps the chance to be the president of the united states. the hammers have misled voters by saying it was overheating. you know it will be a use of line. the instinctive reaction of hillary clinton is to challenge it to cover up everything, retreat, stonewall, tough it out. the media is in the senate tank for her that if the jury get away with it. it is a chronic double standard. the media has disgraced itself yet again. they so hate trump they will do and say anything to get hillary like it. but then along came the video
10:01 am
and now nobody can ignore the health problems that afflict this candidate or the endless dissembling when they try to cover it. the second tower of "varney & company" is about to begin. stuart: we were down 85 at the opening bell. now we are up 12-point did the same story on the s&p 500. it is on the up side. how about the not bad. we'll been lower, now we are hired to the tune of 11 points. the 10 year treasury yield all the way up to 1.68%. how about those big name technology companies which we check endlessly because that is where your money is going. they open down. where are they now? i will tell you they have reversed course.
10:02 am
apple is up, google is up, amazon upcoming states that done and so is twitter. ashley: a lot of money going into telecom whatever that means if the price of oil down 2% is almost back to flat in babylon has managed to bring the markets back a peer to webster ratio comes to the rescue. stuart: and the other reasons we turned around completely? transfer they are basically buying on the debt. a lot of bad action happening. tree into a bad stuff 18,000 we are both at 18,100. i will get back to hillary's latest health scare. the carter assist us. she joins us now. you have logged hillary's unpopularity and untrustworthiness. i'm going to ask you to speculate. what do you think will be the impact on her polling numbers after this health scare and the cover enough of the health scare
10:03 am
issue over the weekend. >> i think you ask the exact right question. is it about her health? no. when advice climates i say anything left ambiguous is going to be interpreted negatively. this is one of those moments where she could've had a nonissue if she talked about the money on friday people would've understood it. now it seems like an egg cover-up and once again hillary clinton keeping everybody in an arms distance and causing the question should i trust her and believe her? it was a big mistake with a big communications failure and this is one more thing doubleday killer clinton's trustworthy numbers go down. donald trump even more. stuart: i'm going to characterize trump's response is taking the high road. he appeared on fox and friends this morning, fox news channel. he was asked directly about hillary's health issues. watch this. >> hope she gets well and gets back on the trail and we will be seeing her at the debate.
10:04 am
last week i took a physical and they'll be releasing when the numbers come in. hopefully they will be good. i feel great. when the numbers come in, i'll be releasing very, very specific numbers. stuart: i'll be releasing very specific numbers. hope she gets well soon. he said this is a good approach for trump? >> donald trump has been a different man for the last several weeks. this is one example of how he's renting himself and in taking us to say the high road. this is a great thing he's done more people say i actually am going to give him the benefit of the doubt because he's able to restrain. he could've used this in so many different ways. all donald trump would've said outrageous things. stuart: you are speculating here. this health crisis and you cannot talk to focus groups. this is what she think extrapolating out for extrapolating out from a chief priority thing.
10:05 am
that is interesting. still on politics. hillary clinton says donald trump supporters and a basket of deplorable. roll tape. >> a basket of deplorable spirit racist, sexist,, xenophobic, you name it. stuart: she did later semi-apology. here's what donald trump said about the same young fox and friends this morning. it is within the realm of possibility and i said to my people i don't believe she said it. you have to check it because there's no way she said to us. did achieve it. it was said with such anger and such unbelievable anger. i think this is the biggest
10:06 am
mistake of the political season. i really do. stuart: sirius xm patriot host david webb is with us this morning. >> where do i begin? racist, sexist -- stuart: i don't know why you run this program. >> i don't know why you allow me here. let's taken to hillary clinton doing. trump says that hillary clinton said was the biggest mistake of the political season. are you with that? >> now, there's more to come. more heated, more disgusting, more deplorable. hillary clinton made a statement at the event. the same statement on israel on channel two. this is a designed attack on deplorable spirit that's got our policy. she doesn't say i apologize for
10:07 am
calling you deplorable spirit she dislikes it. it's not an apology. she throws a laundry list into a statement so she can attack trumping trump supporters again and claims it as an apology while the vice presidential candidate, her running mate since you don't have to apologize for deplorable. hillary clinton didn't apologize. that's a quick apology like she told the truth about the classified e-mails. stuart: it's entirely possible on the ground some of trump has averaged minorities. he is out there trying to get votes for her constituents. she's defending no-space saying you're a bunch of races. >> it's offensive. it is offensive to americans to call them that. bill clinton is lecturing in the south a white southerner tell them that they are going to make it for you again what he did the reverse carpetbagger retained in new york so his wife could run
10:08 am
for the presidency they are deplorable, ray says. millions of americans, one or two out there that have come out. trump has announced david duke and others. she was denounced by a grand dragon. i am missing out one or the news reporting on it. they paint them as someone to run away from. never apologize but claim an apology. but i'm pretty sure she told the absolute truth about the classified markings in her e-mail. tree into what happens if she wins? what did she say to all those people? >> she doesn't care about democrats who support her. the clintons are about to clinton. they want the power. they have the hubris and they will do whatever it is until they are indicted or prosecuted for some pain. they will not give up. there marched the power continues. stuart: i get the impression this election took another jolt. this week and was in this
10:09 am
election. david, get back on the radio. next case. we've got to show you the jeep caught on fire. that was florida, by the way. the owner says a new galaxy note seven smartphone is like charging inside the jeep. that is to blame. reports in another incident. an exploding samsung seven allegedly burning a little boy's hands. train for the grandmothers said the flames were so powerful it set up the houses fire alarms. fix your boy suffered through his body but his playing video games on the product and it exploded into flames. he was sent to the hospital at turns on his body. he is at home now. they have contacted samsung. no more information about that. now he's so scared he won't go near any funds according to his grandmother. stuart: if you have any smartphone seven, don't turn it on. replace it.
10:10 am
don't do it appeared worse pr story occurred for any major corporation. we've got more instability in the mideast. a bomb goes off in the southeastern city of van. the target lawmakers and government. officials there are blaming kurdish militants. meanwhile, iran celebrating as it begins construction of a second nuclear power plant. the countries including the the first of its nuclear deal. colonel allen west on that during next. we've got more "varney" for you. when it comes to healthcare,
10:11 am
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10:14 am
stuart: the big stuff we saw at the opening bell has ended and now we're up the points you shy of 18,100 for the dow industrials. a couple of items from the mideast. iran now says it is building its second nuclear power plant with help from russia. ashley: will provide two power plants. this has been made possible because of the deal that was done with the u.s. to get them into the nuclear game. the statene of the top atomic energy advisors in iran. it is a symbol of iran ensuring the result died out there. russia will provide the fuel. spent fuel can be used as put down and. in other words, another byproduct of the deal with iran.
10:15 am
stuart: thank you, ash. the russian cease-fire in syria results at sunset. last-minute airstrikes killed at least 90 people over the weekend. lieutenant colonel allen west this year. we're paying a lot of attention to america's election to hillary clinton's health problems. there are these developments still going on in the middle east to bring us up to date. what is the status of the foreign territory in the middle east. >> for president obama is not a failure. the president would pivot away from the middle east and focus more so in china and the pacific rim. he has pivoted away from the middle east. the file does not opus whatsoever in the pacific rim. what you see happening as russia is the power play, the broker in the middle east, the united states of america is relevant in their client state iran, which we all know is very anti-american.
10:16 am
they are being bolstered with financial support to the point where now they are able to boost their nuclear program. they have purchased as 300 missile system in provided that to protection of their nuclear facility and was even worse with this agreement that is supposed to go onto a fact, iran has two terrorist organizations, the quds forest and hezbollah in syria. what does that say to those opposition groups that supposedly barack obama was supporting. >> if extraordinaire we ask for russia's help in the cease-fire and we have to bend over backwards to get that help from russia in the middle east. that's an extraordinary situation. >> it is extraordinary. two things you should remember. right before the 2012 election when barack obama sat on the stage with then president, he said whisper in a moment, tell by the mere after my real election i'll have more
10:17 am
possibilities. we have seen the high ground to russia and as well we have told iranians that we are not going to be interested. we are not going to show any type of strength. iranians controlled baghdad, beirut and lebanon, damascus, syria and their belligerence continues to increase in the persian gulf. stuart: what you make of hillary clinton colin trump supporters a bunch of deplorable is? >> well, i'm a southern boy. i've been called a lot of things. i'm a racist, sexist, commenting of code. from a woman such as hillary clinton was a mentor of hers. we don't even want to get into bill clinton and the sexism issue and the money and the clinton foundation has raised eight from countries like saudi arabia i don't if they want to talk about.
10:18 am
this is just hillary clinton trying to deflect. she attacked barack obama for being leaders in 2008. people cling to their guns and religion. thiss just as bad. stuart: this is what they really think of as. they are utterly contemptuous. that's my opinion. allen west. thank you very much indeed. the first sunday of the nfl season kicks off. more players protesting the national in them. miami dolphins kneeled side-by-side is the infamous plague did the kansas city chiefs raised his right fist and right fist in protest. that's reminiscent of john carlos and 68 olympics. please remember, that have been unfit and the anniversary of 9/11. meanwhile, the dow industrials have turned around. i've got to tell you, one wall street bank says we may already be in recession.
10:19 am
what song is this? ashley: david billy. stuart: y don't i know it? back in a moment. ♪ there's no one road out there.
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10:22 am
stuart: what is the yield on the ten-year treasury? it's been going up frequently. 1.68% right now. google, i like this story. investing money in the fight against diabetes. tell me what they're doing. >> half a billion dollars diabetes venture. they could develop devices,
10:23 am
things like microchips that can detect blood sugar levels. blood delivery symptoms. a 600 million people will have diabetes in the next 20 years. that's a big deal. stuart: over 300 billion americans. if you're counting -- stuart: that's a very good story. watching your blood sugar levels and monitored the whole thing. there's all sorts of things they come up with. stuart: michael goodwin, pulitzer prize columnist for "the new york post" on the program says the media is torching its own standards to cover the election. most of it in favor of hillary. "the new york post," hillary's dia is tching its standards to cover the election. lee carter is with us. just for effect and i want to turn this around. what do you think the media would be saying this morning if
10:24 am
it were donald trump who stumbled, collapsed, shoved into his vehicle, latest issue of the road, it better, and better at. >> we all know what they would be saying. i think they would be going absolutely nuts over this. i do believe there's apologist or hillary clinton. people make excuses constantly. the e-mails are getting overblown. all of this sort of thing where her supporters from its all-time supporters are criticized for questioning hillary clinton. i think this is really unfortunate. actually it is backfiring in many ways. donald trump supporters say i see what is going on here and it's exactly what i'm tired of. the elites push their own agenda and not listening to me. that is one of the most outrageous comments i've ever heard any candidate other. you can attack your opponent.
10:25 am
50 million americans, half of them, 25 million americans are going to make her even more unpopular. a writer for the "huffington post" was fired. he says because he raised the issue of the house back in august. he was questioning her house repeatedly. he claims he got fired because of that. stuart: they were in the tank for hillary. that's my opinion. >> i wouldn't disagree with you. i would never disagree with you. i just think that it is really -- americans have a hard time saying out loud they are voting for donald trump because of criticism they get for supporting and. this is one more example of that. that is why you see an online poll or telephone pole.
10:26 am
donald trump performs way better in online polls because people are saying it out loud. the media is causing it to be outrageous. stuart: racist and uneducated if you voted for brexit. stuart: do you remember him? mr. brexit advances led to present at europe. what he thinks about hillary calling americans to poor blood races. that is exactly what they said about him when he was organizing the brexit. terrifying flight from the u.k. to italy. a migraine on board yelling several times, telling passengers they will die. they try to pretend the incident never happened. we will tell you about it. back in a moment.
10:27 am
10:28 am
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10:30 am
stuart: dallas turned around and we are now up 58 points on the dow industrial average. we are up 60 points, going up as we speak. alibaba is down this morning. not quite sure why, but it's down a little bit and retreating. some of the names we check every day. twitter is an $18 a share going nowhere. 98 now up this morning. go pro, used to call it a one trick pony. it is up 2.5%. tesla says they will fix the autopilot problem and had they done it earlier would fix the problem earlier this year.
10:31 am
getting close to $200 a share. over the weekend, hillary clinton called trump supporters a basket of deplorable is. racist, sexist, since enough votes. sunday, she left the 9/11 event early after a fainting spell. i call it a collapse. her people said she had overheated. they had even been diagnosed with pneumonia last week. clinton supporter is in the studio today. i thought we were going to talk about obama is polling higher than reagan today. back came out today. i didn't know if you saw that. stuart: whited clinton's people cover up what happened on sunday? first they said overheating and then and msn ammonia send them out yet. >> i don't know. stuart: why do you have a
10:32 am
reflexive attitude towards defending and covering it up. >> i always think transparency is better. i think donald trump should -- stuart: are you going to let me respond? you do the same thing every time. what about donald trump. that was a lie as monday. 57 days before the election we find out the candidate is in serious health problems here. >> i think she had pneumonia. stuart: they lied at first. >> maybe she was overheated and pneumonia got dehydrated. i'm not about to run neither wereou. >> the islamic votes than deplorable. the support that statement? >> she came back and said she regretted it.
10:33 am
i don't want to answer. stuart: so many people being called all of these names. perfectly decent, hard-working americans are being told where of the earth. >> i'm an american first and foremost did i listen to someone call president obama in the further movement for eight years. i heard someone talk about deporting 11 million immigrants for a year. let's been muslims. the secretary has regretted those comments. i am not supportive of those comments. she regretted them? >> if you look at her. this statements -- is has regretted. stuart: should never apologize. >> you have to speak to her.
10:34 am
i'm a supporter. i believe at the end of the day is about the economy and foreign policy and she's best on both. i'm glad i came on today. i thought we were going to speak about the fed and ecb. stuart: i want to express some of the real anger. >> stuart, i appreciate your forthcoming sms by your good reporter and a good host, but it goes both ways. there are people on the other side that don't like what is being said. this is the limit and i think you and i can speak better to each other to get a better balance. we can have a normal conversation. i look forward to it. i thought you were kicking me
10:35 am
off. last night stuart: didn't ups contribute to the clinton foundation? >> i don't know. two and two -- >> i don't know. i have no idea. but if we contacted the foundation because they've done amazing things. i think you would agree with that. rather, thank you for joining us. we haven't got a commercial break. it is great fun. we are the number one business move -- stuart: thank you very much indeed. look at this. the dow is down close on 400 points on friday and now it is up 56 points after opening lower
10:36 am
this morning. 18,141. senior editor jack cal. perhaps you could explain the turnaround. >> where's the blood is? the market is up 4%. no earnings growth last year. we don't deserve the 4% we have. by the way, the narrative is suddenly we are more afraid of a rate hike and that is where the market is tumbling. i don't see that at all. i'm almost a little terrified after your previous. if there's a reason why the market is getting panicky right now, donald trump's poll numbers have been rising. he looks like he has -- you might like him. i want to get back into this conversation. >> let me tell you something.
10:37 am
if you elect hillary clinton as the president of the united states. nothing will really change about our economy. same old, same old. if we elect donald trump, we look at tax cuts and economic growth. i support that. >> it will be at least 2.5 trillion more. write his immigration plan, unemployment will go higher. i'm happy to have that debate another time. i look forward to that. stuart: you constantly say donald trump opposes immigration. he does not. i wish we could get that straight, but we don't. he opposes immigration. you're totally wrong on this. it wouldn't be the first time. stuart: i'm glad you made an appearance there. an hour ago i was dismissed entirely when i put out the opinion that maybe the electoral math has sent them to do with
10:38 am
what the market was down. >> i think i might have something to do. you could be a trump supporter. it doesn't mean you think he's great for the stock market. the stock market likes dependability. it likes the status quo. you may feel like you have an idea of what you're going to get. i don't think you know what you're going to get. don't go by what he said. nobody's going to do when it gets into office. i go by what the man says. stuart: deutsche bank, they say that the s&p could go down eight to 10%. it could, but will it? the >> it is a little of the more expensive than it is to fundamentals like earnings. there's not a clear reason why it should be this expensive except it's probably been propped up by the lack of better alternatives. could the market thought 8% to
10:39 am
10%? stuart: the dow industrial now at 37 points. the latest movie from tom hanks. number one at the box office. 35 million bucks over the weekend. it's patriotic directed by clint eastwood. the emergency landing at the u.s. airways flight on the hudson river. how about that. good story. his baseball card is considered the most valuable of them all. that is up for auction and will fetch the record twice. i will have one of them right here in the studio with me. also, more on hillary's health cover up. would we have known about pneumonia? more "varney" next. >> to represent inmates. excuse me, i'm sorry.
10:40 am
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10:42 am
hour. judge napolitano on hillary's health. >> i think you're right. the videos little terrifying to see that happen to anybody, but it did appear to me as it did to you and a lot of other people as though she collapsed. she needed to be grabbed under both armpits. she lost her shoe in the process of this happening. but you know the government has hidden medical secrets for years. not saying it is right for her to do it. we have a right to know what we need to know about people running for president so we can make a mature decision.
10:43 am
10:44 am
stuart: how about this? passengers on an easyjet five. it was going from london to venice. they were terrified because there was a migrant on ward ian deported. he was screaming over and over again. 29 times during the two-hour flight he was screaming, 17 times death is coming.
10:45 am
meanwhile, british holidaymakers had not been told one thing about what was going on. they were terrified. kids crying kids as individuals trying to hit anyone anywhere trying to come close to him. the british home office that deals with immigration frequently uses budget airline to transport these people out of the country. the bad part of this is the airline from the captain and the cabin crew never explain to anyone was going on. they were terrified. the kids were crying in and they were all told to stop filming and delete their video off of their phones. stuart: where -- liz: where was he sitting? shouting through the plane like that. ashley: completely terrified passengers and that is the entire flight. stuart: what are you going to do with the passenger like that? go back and re-arrest him? what are you going to do?
10:46 am
>> at least go out and make people feel safe. stuart: hewlett-packard and samsung's printer business to pay a billion dollars for that market up over 1%. target says it will hire more than 70,000 seasonal workers over the holiday period about to come. that's about the same number they hired last year. donald trump was gracious when this morning he was asked about hillary's health issues. watch this. >> let's just hope he gets well and gets back on the trail and we will be in on the debate. i took a physical end all be releasing when the numbers come in. hopefully they will be good. when the numbers come in i'll be releasing specific numbers. >> from the washington examiner.
10:47 am
you just heard what donald trump has to say. that is very much the new gracious trump. >> is really handled this very well. for 24 hours it's been clear that a number of democrats were hoping that trump would say something completely outrageous and turn the story back on hand and it simply hasn't happened. they really touched two bases. one you should obviously say that you hope mrs. clinton feels better and he actually addressed the question that some people have said if hillary clinton has released her health records, why not donald trump and his promising to do more of that. train to how seriously are democrat looking now at their candidate who clearly has a health problem, who may be away from the campaign trail for at least a few days at not longer?
10:48 am
how are they looking matter is the candidate? is there any talk at all at that maybe we better have a reserve? >> we are looking more seriously. david axelrod, a man who helped elect president obama that they can treat and a bat expert transparency is very serious to a lot of people have looked at the situation in bad, you know, back when she had this terrible coughing fit last monday, a week ago, and it was painful to watch. why couldn't they have just been honest and said that she had a cold, she was trying to work through it and it got worse and she needs to take a couple days off. would it have killed them to say that? instead they didn't tell the truth. stuart: is so easy.
10:49 am
>> this is not a really exotic condition. everybody's had a terrible cold. maybe the one that turned into pneumonia where they tried to keep going but then they lie down for a couple days. everybody assured this experience, why she couldn't say that i just don't know. stuart: it doesn't do any polling numbers very good with honesty and openness and transparency. we haven't got any polls yet which would reflect tens of millions of americans when they covered up the position. speculate for me. do you think it goes down in the polls? >> i don't think it's going to help. polls have been -- i'm not on the limb. the polls have been airing for a while. a month ago, hillary clinton had an eight-point lead in the real clear politics of national polls. today it's about three points.
10:50 am
given the national mayor wayne, you see a narrowing in some of the key swing dates involved. clearly she's had a bad couple days. boosting trump's polls go down, so i would not expect this to help her numbers at all. stuart: iran, thank you very much indeed. thanks for being with us. appreciate it. how about this? john hinckley junior, demanded tried to assassinate president reagan 35 years ago released in the mental hospital is now led to live full-time in his mother's house. a federal judge ruled he is no longer a threat to the public. this guy, nigel farage, the man who led the u.k. out of europe. what does he make about trump supporters? he'll be joining us. more "varney" after this. everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
the mac it is a big mistake. these comments are not only deplorable, but they also reveal the hypocrisy of liberalism. you know liberals who cry the loudest for tolerance are
10:55 am
usually the most intolerant people when it comes to ideas with which they disagree. think about it. according to hillary clinton, your racist if you believe in secure borders. your xenophobic if you think people should be in us weekly and if you believe in traditional marriage. the truth is hillary clinton is exhibit a of intolerance and her comment are nothing but hate speech. stuart: if she wins, what will she say to those that she is just labeled as racist,'s et cetera comment letter. how do she recover from this if she wins? >> well, this is chilling when you think about this. she is signaling that if she becomes president, there will be no tolerance for conservatives that their ideas in the clinton admin is ration. the reason that is chilling to she's going to be appointed anywhere from two to four supreme court justices. she will appoint the same kind of intolerant justices who do not tolerate conservative
10:56 am
viewpoint. ashley: let's check the big board after being down 100 points. now i've come all the way back. up 25 points. more green and red on the dow jones industrial average. but right now it is. fill in stuart on what is coming up at the top of the hour. here is what we have here the man behind brexit, nigel farage. what does he think about hillary calling trump supporters deplorable? the newest campaign and from the trump champ and going right after hillary, but is still taking the high road on her health. we are on that story as well. house republicans call another hearing on hillary's e-mail scandal. we will be asking the judge, does it even matter and does he think there's been a cover-up? the microsoft cloud helps us
10:57 am
stay connected. the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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10:59 am
stuart: on saturday hillary clinton insulted millions of americans.
11:00 am
she indulged in an orgy of name calling. sunday's curbside collapse and misleading statements about her health took attention away from from her insulting remarks, but they're not going to be forgotten. half of trump's supporters, she said, are racists, homophobes, sexists, they are zien phobes and islam phobes, deplorables. the slater withdrew the qualifier, half. there's some apology. this is what the progressive elite think about about the rest of us. this morning donald trump said hillary's remarks were the biggest mistake of the political season. we'll see if that's the case. could be she is desperate. she sees trump's outreach to black america, she sees his new and successful campaign manager is a woman, and then she misleads about the true state of her health. monday, september the 12th, the election has taken another big shift. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
11:01 am
♪ stuart: oh, yes, we will get to politics in a moment, but first look at this. the dow industrials are now up nearly 50 points. remember, we closed nearly 400 down on friday, all kind of fears about rate hikes this year. look at us now, up 50 pointses. how about the price of oil? $46 a barrel. oil's going up, the ashley ratio appears to be intact. >> thank you. stuart: oil up, stocks up. are you going to claim victory here? >> every day, yes. i will. [laughter] stuart: why are we up, liz? we were down 85 to start the day, now we're up 50. >> you know, we're reading on that fed governor's speech, so lyle braynard speaking at 1:15. but maybe she's not going to say, yes, you should raise rates because she has been historically a dove. i don't think they're going to raise rates before the election.
11:02 am
there's bottom feeding going on. stuart: so fed governor, she speaks around 1:15 today -- >> eastern time, right. stuart: she had been one of those favoring a rate hike -- >> no. no rate hike. >> she's very much easy money policy. keep them really low. stuart: okay. so she says that again today, the market thinks she might say that again today -- >> well, if she says, no, it's time to raise them, that will -- >> in december. >> -- trigger another selloff. stuart: i find it very hard to follow fed naval-gazing. [laughter] back to hillary clinton and what i just did in my editorial there. she could trump voters deplorable, racist, zen phobes, you name it. roll tape. >> just to be grossly generallistic, you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. [laughter]
11:03 am
[applause] right? the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islam phobic, you name it. nigel farage is with us, he's the man who led the brits out of the european union. now, nigel, there's a bit of a delay in our speaking, so i can't have a normal conversation with you, but let me just ask you a question, then you take it. they said exactly the same thing about you, did they not, when you were organizing brexit? go. >> oh, yes. i mean, in fact, when david cameron once was asked about ukit voters, he said they are loonies, fruitcakes and closet racists mostly. well, that was nice of the prime minister, wasn't it, to talk about millions of british people. [laughter] and what happened during the referendum was they said that
11:04 am
leave voters are old, angry, ill-educated and motivated by racist thoughts. now, the reason for doing that was to say to people in the middle, to say to undecided voters, look, for goodness sake, if you vote leave the e.u., you are joining up with this appalling group of people. and that's exactly the same game that hillary was trying to play just a few days ago. and when she used the word "deplorables," well, i'll tell you what i think. i think only one person comes out of this deplorably, and that's hillary clinton. part of that same kind of elite that i saw in london, but in this case based in washington, who has absolutely no understanding of how ordinary people live their lives. stuart: now, excuse me. earlier this morning donald trump, and i believe you have appeared with donald trump, you appeared with him in mississippi a couple of weeks ago, you're basically a supporter of donald
11:05 am
trump. he came out this morning and said that what hillary had said over the weekend was one of the biggest mistakes of this political season. i take it you agree with him, and do you agree that what she said will actually turn a lot of people to trump and not enhance her own support? go. >> well, what we've seen i think over the western world, you know, last 10, 20 years is this new sort of political aristocracy that have taken over. and the clinton family in america, you know, sum it up rather beautifully. and they are very out of touch with the views of ordinary people. and if they think by insulting the silent majority they're doing themselves a favor by effectively demeaning people, by demonizing people, then they were in for a big shock in brexit, and i suspect she's in for a big shock in this american
11:06 am
campaign as well. and i'll tell you why people simply have had enough of being sneered at by out-of-touch, professional career political elites. stuart: nigel, you can't hear them, but i know a but of our viewers will be cheering you on bigtime this morning, and we thank you very much. nigel farage, everyone. see you soon. thank you, sir. appreciate it. i want to bring in a.j. delgado who is with us. you are hispanic, is that correct? >> yes, sir. stuart: and you are a trump supporter. >> absolutely. and a woman. a latina. so, apparently, i'm racist and sexist, and yet i support trump being a female latina. go figure, according to hillary. [laughter] stuart: how do you feel about what hillary said? i call this a flat out insult, and i'm incentsed about it. -- incensed about it. >> it was horrifying to hear about it especially on the weekend of 9/11 when we're supposed to be unified. it's been about two days, and i still read the transcript, and and i still cannot believe a
11:07 am
presidential candidate spoke like that about tens of millions of americans. she said if someone doesn't respect all americans, how can they serve all americans? i completely agree with you, hillary clinton, and i think what you said in showing you have such disdain and contempt for tens of millions disqualifies you from the presidency. stuart: you are now, as of today i e believe, you've been appointed a senior adviser for the trump campaign. as of last week. you're a senior adviser. >> yes. it's a great honor. stuart: what are you going to advise him to say to the hispanics of america? you're hispanic yourself, you're latina, what are you going to advise him to say that will pull some of them at least back into the trump fold? >> to keep bringing his message of not just unity, speaking to us as americans, not as particular groups, but about jobss and the economy. the number one issue in the latino community is wanting the manufacturing jobs back that we lost, wanting to stop the trade deals that are killing those jobs.
11:08 am
it's really just a matter of wanting jobs, safety, security for our friends, families and community. it's that simple. stuart: hispanic folks are going to come right back and say, wait a minute, wait a minute, he's going to deport millions of us. we don't like that. >> we're here -- the hispanic voters are here legally, stuart. what we care about is security, jobs, safety. not about whether someone we've never met can cross the border. stuart: my brothers and sisters are going to be deported by the millions -- >> if they care about who's best for the latinos who are here, just like cesar chavez, he was against illegal immigration. donald trump's platform specifically for that very reason that he wants to control illegal immigration is a proto-latinos who are here platform. stuart: is he going to go specifically to the hispanic community, right into the middle of it and say, look, here i am, and here's why you've got to vote for me? will he do it with hispanics? >> i think we will see it, and i
11:09 am
think he will be very well embraced. latinos are flocking to donald trump and his message. stuart: they are? >> yes. stuart: prove it. >> in the 30s, the numbers keep going up. latest one i saw, i think, was 36 -- stuart: which poll was that? >> a smaller poll out of boston, and the lowest i've seen is in the high 20s. stuart: i don't want to say you're grasping at straws, but you're grasping at straws. >> he's higher than mitt romney. do youstuart: do you think he ct it to 30%? >> absolutely. talking about how much donald trump's message about jobs and the economy and safety on the border means to them, and you'll see. the enthusiasm is off the charts. stuart: a.j. delgado, thanks for being with us. are you on your way to trump tower just across the road? >> i am. stuart: i knew it. [laughter] thanks very much, a.j., appreciate it. let's take a look at that market, i think this is the high of the day. now we're up 53, and most of the dow 30 are in the green. much more ahead for you. the house oversight committee
11:10 am
holds a new hearing on why the state department failed to save so many of hillary clinton's e-mails. will that hearing make any difference at all? judge napolitano is next on that. and hillary's health problems front and center, collapsing at the 9/11 memorial service followed by -- that was preceded by weeks of coughing fits. we'll tell you what donald trump is saying or didn't say. this is the new trump. [applause] >> excuse me. sorry. can i have some water? >> yep. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
11:11 am
one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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11:13 am
stuart: with baited breath we tell you this, the house oversight committee will hold a new hearing to discuss how it's possible the state department failed to save so many e-mails while hillary clinton was secretary of state. judge napolitano is here with us.
11:14 am
nothing's going to happen, nothing, nothing, nothing -- >> same words out of my mouth. stuart: they're going to run out the clock, nothing actually happens. >> they have subpoenaed two people who have claimed to gotten immunity. why i say that in a second. and they're going to ask them questions, you know? how did it happen that you destroyed material evidence that had been subpoenaed by this committee? who asked you to destroy it? what kind of answers do you think they're going to get? i refuse to answer on the grounds that the answer might incriminate me, and i'm protected by the fifth amendment. wait a minute, you got immunity. if you got immunity, you have no fifth amendment protection unless they didn't really get immunity, they just got a promise from a prosecutor not to prosecute. and that is barely worth the paper it's written on. it doesn't bind other prosecutors in that office. stuart: you see -- >> this is almost farcical -- stuart: it is. >> -- with respect to the rule of law. stuart: yes.
11:15 am
all this legal jiu-jitsu -- >> for once i agree with you, this is legal jiu-jitsu, and it's really in the weeds. stuart: this is nonsense. somebody took a hammer to a cell phone to get rid of evidence which congress had subpoenaed. >> and someone told that person to do it, and someone told that person to tell the other person to do it. and one of those people knew that it had been subpoenaed. and congressman chaffetz, he's got to be the most patient person in d.c., he's going to ask this question many, many time, who told you to do this, and he's certainly not going to get an answer before election day. isn't the american public entitled to an answer? stuart: yes. >> i would put -- might get in trouble for this -- director comey under oath. why didn't you pursue the destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, why didn't you pursue who told them to destroy this? stuart: i just can't help but feel that if i'd done that, if i took a hammer to a cell phone or
11:16 am
ordered somebody else to do it, to get rid of ed, i -- evidencei would be in prison now instead of pleading the fifth or whatever. i just fear there's a double standard here. >> i think your feeling is shared by many, many people, even democrats who want mrs. clinton to get elected do not want to talk about this because in their times of intellectual honesty, they agree with what you just said. this is not the rule of law as we've come to understand it. so tomorrow they're going to have this hearing at 10:00. you and i can talk about it at 11 tomorrow, because we will probably be even more frustrated about it than we are now, because we will have just watched it. stuart: it's a deal. 11:00 tomorrow morning -- [laughter] thank you very much, indeed. appreciate it. still on hillary clinton, i'm going to say she collapsed at the 9/11 memorial, and it's on videotape. you're about to see it. the -- donald trump discussing hillary clinton's health scare. he says he hopes she gets better. he took the high road.
11:17 am
listen to this. >> i hope she gets well soon. i don't know what's going on. i'm, like you, i just see what i see. the coughing fit was a week ago, so i assume that was pneumonia also. i mean, i would think it would have been, so something's going on, but i just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail, and we'll be seeing her at the debate. stuart: this is very much the new trump, isn't it, liz? >> yeah, it is. and, you know, donald trump has been pretty withering about hillary clinton's health as she's been withering about his temperament and intellect. in battleground states they are neck and neck, florida, pennsylvania, other states, ohio. real clear politics shows a race that has been tightening. jennifer pal myierly, the clinton aide, says we could have done better yesterday. the public knows more about hillary clinton than any other candidate, that's debatable. what's the cure for an unhealthy
11:18 am
penchant for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems? that's david axlerod. >> and getting back to trump, listen, stu, he probably could have easily said something -- it would have been a mistake to go after someone's health who's clearly collapsing. he took the high road, it was the right thing to do, and i think it's just another example of mr. trump getting on, getting -- becoming a better candidate. stuart: controlling himself for the campaign and his message, and he did it. all right. there is news outside of politics and the market, yes, there is. the honus wagner baseball card, one of the rarest in the world, he's going to go -- it's going to go up for auction. i'm going to have one on the set for me. by the way, the bidding starts at a million bucks. more sports, more players protesting the anthem. it was the 15th anniversary of 9/11. members of the miami dolphins kneeled side by side as the anthem was played. in that same game, the entire
11:19 am
seattle seahawks team stood and locked arms. that's what they're calling a show of team unity. and marcus peters of the kansas city chiefs, he stood and raised his right arm in protest of the anthem just like in the 1968 olympics. donald trump releasing a new dvd ad titled deplorable. it'll air in battleground states. we'll play you the full ad next. here's the plan. you grow up wanting to be a lawyer, because your dad's a lawyer. and you land a job with a 401k and meet your wife. you're surprised how much you both want kids, and equally surprised you can't have them. so together, you adopt a little boy...
11:20 am
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11:23 am
stuart: donald trump released a new ad this morning. it addresses hillary clinton's deplorable comments. roll it. >> speaking to wealthy donors, hillary clinton called tens of millions of americans "deplorable." >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, you name it. >> people like you, you and you deplorable. you know what's deplorable? hillary clinton viciously demonizing hard working people like you.
11:24 am
stuart: well, he's capitalizing on the weekend events, is he not, ashley? >> he is, and that's an effective ad. we've been talking about what was hillary thinking, e. mac was saying, well, you know, she was sick. ing i think she was pandering to the crowd, and i think the trump campaign is effectively saying, look, she is indeed demonizing people, calling them things they are not. >> i think covering up a sickness was what i meant -- >> oh. >> -- is bad. if she was transparent about it, maybe she wouldn't have done that event and made that gaffe while she was sick. so she's tightening -- it's tightening in the swing states. this is bad for her. stuart: now, tightening. okay, that's ohio and florida in particular. >> this is according to real clear politics' average polling. stuart: there's been no polling yet on the events of the weekend. deemployee bls comment, we're -- deplorables comments and the untruths about her health condition. none of that is factored into
11:25 am
any of those polls. >> it'll be interesting to see. >> ohio, florida, michigan are now toss-up states according to real clear politics. stuart: were they in hillary's column? >> yes. pennsylvania and nevada? i mean, so making a mistake like that, bad timing. stuart: so even before the weekend events -- >> correct. stuart: -- he was tightening and moving up in the polls. >> correct. stuart: i'll be fascinated to see the late arest polls. probably have to wait four or five days. >> yeah. stuart: look at that market scan, please. mostly in the green for the dow industrials as we move up 54 points as we speak. hillary clinton apologizing in a way, a sort of way for calling trump supporters a basket of deplorables. trump says it might be the biggest mistake she's made. we'll deal with it all in a moment. anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management
11:26 am
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11:29 am
>> just to be grossly generalistic, you can put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. [laughter] ms. -- [applause] >> right? the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islam phobe bic, you
11:30 am
name it. stuart: hillary clinton insulting millions and millions of hard working, ordinary americans. okay, you saw that. now, here's donald transfer's response. roll -- donald trump's response. roll tape. >> when i heard it, i thought it was not something that was within the realm of possible that she would have said it, and i said to my people, i don't believe she said it, you have to check it, because there's no way that she said this. and she actually did, and she even really doubled up because it was said with such unbelievable anger. and i think this is the biggest mistake of the political season. if you're going to be president, you're president of all the people. you're not president of 50% or 75%. you're president of all the people. stuart: well, he said it. tony perkins is with us, he's the family research council president. you just heard donald trump, that could have been a huge political mistake. what say you, tony? >> well, i think he's right. i mean, i think this shows that the hillary clinton campaign is
11:31 am
really kind of almost a political basketcase. look, look at the contrast here. donald trump's actually been appealing to bernie sanders' voters, inviting those who voted in the democratic ticket to come over and support him. she's insulting those who were on the right by calling them deplorables. look, this is also, i think, very insightful, stuart, because i think when you look at the countries that have provided money to the clinton foundation, when you use the term "deplorable," i think that's an interesting term. many of those countries actually imprison and execute those that are considered deplorable. i mean, is this some kind of subtle message she's sending? stuart: well, i have to admit, tony, that earlier this morning i had a leading democrat on the program, and i almost lost my temper. frankly, i i think i did. i made it almost personal, because in my family there are three races, five nationalities and two religions. that's all my family.
11:32 am
and i don't like being called a xenophobe, ca a racist, whatever. i don't like that. i really object to that, and i think a lot of people feel the same way that i do. i don't like this, and i'm not going to have it. >> no, i think you're absolutely right. but i think it shows how narrow-minded, isolated the liberal-progressive wing of the democratic party has become where they feel like they can insult anyone, silence anyone who does not agree with their progressive agenda. but, again, i think people need to take note, and i think people are taking note that may not be a donald trump supporter, may not even be a typical republican voter: but when she starts talking about people she disagrees with as a basket of can deplorables and considering, again, the people she's been associated with through the clinton foundation, how they treat people who are considered deplorables, this could speak volumes about what she has in mind for those she disagrees with.
11:33 am
stuart: do you think the election took on a new turn over the weekend with the deplorable comment and then the health issue, to put it mildly? did this election turn, pivot over the weekend? >> well, i think it's been pivoting, stuart. i think you go back to donald trump in the last three weeks who has been appearing more presidential. i go back really to his first trip to louisiana that we talked about on your program with his response to the flooding down there, then his trip to mexico to meet with the mexican president. consistently looking like a president, providing leadership while she is there -- it looks like in desperation mode where she's attacking his supporters. you know, there are questions about her health. but, yes, there's no question that we're seeing a pivoting of in this presidential election, and a lot of it is on image, a lot of it is on discipline, and it's not what people thought. it's donald trump that is
11:34 am
providing the discipline. stuart: i don't know, are you a firm trump supporter, an overt trump backer? >> well, i am. there's two choices before us, as i see it. you have hillary clinton and you have donald trump. donald trump has been working very diligently to shore up his support among conservatives, talking specifically about policies. he came this weekend and spoke to the values voters summit, evangelicals, social conservatives. he's the first republican nominee to do that once they had acquired the nomination. he's continuing the conversation that began in new york a few months ago talking about religious liberty, talking about home schooling, talking about issues that are of great importance to conservatives. and so i -- yes, i am supporting him, i am voting for him. i think he clearly provides a contrast to hillary clinton. some people say how can you be sure he's going to do what he says he's going to do? well, i might not be totally sure. i'm pretty sure. i might not be totally sure, but
11:35 am
i do have great confidence in what hillary clinton will do when she comes to selecting judicial nominees, when it comes to religious liberty, when it comes to national defense. i have no question what she will do, and it's not in the best interests of this country. stuart: yeah. i've got real problems when people call names of ordinary, decent americans. i don't like it. tony perkins, see you again soon. thank you. back to the markets, look at this. dow's up 50 points, 18,1 3w 6. let me remind everybody two hours ago it opened down 85. and remember, last friday the dow industrials were down nearly 400 points because people were worried about a rate he this year. come on in, steve moore, who is a donald trump economic adviser. steve, first of all, deal with the market now. , we're up 50 points. two hours ago we were down 85. why the turn around? is it possible that the election drama has anything to do with the markets? >> possibly.
11:36 am
and by the way, i disagree with you on one thing you just said in your previous interview. you know, look, i pray for hillary clinton's health because she is the democrat, and as a donald trump supporter, i don't want to run against anybody but hillary clinton, so i want her to be in tiptop health. stuart: okay. [laughter] >> but look, i think a lot of these swings in the market that we're seeing the kind of yo-yo effect are a result of the market's perception of what the fed is going to do. and i've said this so many times, and i want to say it again. i think that too many investors are too hyper-obsessed with what the fed is going to do. the fed is not our primary problem, folks. i mean, what is holding back our economy is not monetary policy. we can do better on monetary policy, but the big problems are tax, regulatory red tape and just an anti-business environment in washington. if you get rid of that big, black cloud that's over washington, i think you unleash a big, big boom in the stock market like we had in the 1980s and the 1990s. stuart: investors are worried about donald trump because
11:37 am
they're worried about a trade war -- >> no, no, no, no -- stuart: [inaudible] that he brings out. >> i know. i've heard that argument before, and i just don't buy it. if you're an investor and you're looking at how this election is going to determine the growth of equities over the next 5, 10, 20 years, look at donald transfer's agenda. -- donald trump's agenda. he wants to get rid of the estate tax, cut the business tax for all businesses, all 25 million businesses in this country to 15%. how can you look at those numbers and say that that's not good for markets? i mean, look, the value of a share of stock is the after-tax rate of return. we're going to lower that tax. that means profits are going to be higher for businesses. so explain to me, stuart, with higher profits for businesses, how does that, how does that hurt the stock market? i just don't understand the argument that a lot of hillary clinton's supporters are making. stuart: i don't see what's wrong with 4% growth in each of the next five years, so remind everybody that's what you said.
11:38 am
>> many times. and you look at the energy stuff, think of what's going to happen to energy stockings if donald trump is elected. coal, oil and gas stocks are going to boom. in that kind of situation, i think manufacturing does very well. you have to pick your sectors, for sure. now hillary, by the way, she has proposed an increase in the capital gains tax. that's going to hurt stock values. i think her big agenda of increased government spending and debt, i just don't any that works for economic growth. 4% growth for five years, that's going to add another texas to our economy in terms of size of our gdp. that's a big deal. stuart: he's on videotape saying this, 4% growth over the next five years. that's steve moore for you -- >> and by the way, donald trump thinks i'm b you know, lowballing the numbers. stuart: i did hear that, actually. [laughter] steve, thank you very much, sir. look at this, boeing going to make some change on the plane. could combat jet lag. now, i want to hear about that. >> jet lag's really bad, nausea,
11:39 am
people have a long time recovering from it, so it has the dreamliner, right? that big plane. and they realize that it's made out of carbon fiber and plastic, not aluminum. they realized they could change the pressure, the air pressure inside the plane so to, basically, have more oxygen in there, that the material used to make the plane can take the change in the pressure inside the plane, and they could end jet lag as we know it. that's the word on the street. stuart: end jet lag as we know it? i thought it was all a problem with time zones. when i come back from australia, it's 17 time zones. [laughter] work around that one, if you can. >> that would be great. stuart: check that big board, high of the day. right now it's up 68 points at 18,153. a couple of big names, we check them all the time, we're doing it again. alibaba has reached $100 a share, it's up. twitter still hanging around $18 a share. it is. netflix was up a couple of bucks
11:40 am
earlier, it's now up $1.60 at 98. go item pro is a little -- gopro is a little bit higher, nearly 5% up, and tesla back to $200 a share. almost time for the honus wagner baseball card. remind you, please, bidding starts at a million bucks, could go to $4 million, for that -- >> i'm out. [laughter] stuart: look at this, remember the jeep car fire in florida? the owner says a new galaxy note 7 was left charging inside. this morning reports of another nasty incident. we'll have details. hillary clinton deals with backlash from her deplorable comments and now from her illness. donald trump continues to rise in the polls, so tell me why are there still some republicans not supporting him thoroughly, vigorously? more "varney" in a moment. ♪ everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here.
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11:43 am
now, let's looking look at somee names on the move. the dow is up 73. tech and consumer stocks leading the way, accounting for about two-thirds of the gains including apple, mcdonald's, walmart and walt disney. watching polar race under purchase -- polaris under pressure, they had to cut their earnings outlook, that is down 7% at this time. we want you to start your day here on fox business at five a.m. lauren simonetti and i get you started on fbn a.m.
11:44 am
11:45 am
stuart: you are looking at that jeep in florida, the owner left a galaxy 7 phone charging. it went up in flames. now we have new reports of another incident, an exploding note 7 cell phone allegedly burnt a little boy's hands. >> yeah, it happened saturday night in east flatbush, suffering burns playing video games on his phone. and i'm looking at the images from the new york city police department, it is really bad. the sheet was burnt. again, the phone be exploded into flames. it was so bad that the grandmother said it set off her house's alarms. so he went to the hospital, he is home now. he suffered burns to his body. they have been in touch with samsung, no word yet on what samsung is going to do for the family are.
11:46 am
stuart: even our floor manager was doing, a lot of people leave the phone right next to you at night charging up. >> yeah. a massachusetts man did that too, and it caught -- it burst into flames, the battery. and there's a worldwide recall of the samsung note 7. stuart: it's the worst p.r. for a major corporation i've heard in a long, long time. it is. >> yeah. stuart: as hillary clinton deals with the backlash from her "deplore be bl" comment and from her illness cover-up, donald trump continues to rise in the polls. jana caldwell is a republican strategist, and he joins us now. why are some republicans, and i don't know whether you're included in this, some republicans still are not gung ho, fully in line with donald trump? why not? >> well, i've got to say this, thank god for kellyanne conway, because she is definitely righting the ship. and i disagree with the assessment that republicans aren't falling in line because clearly they are. there was a report that came out yesterday showing that there was four states -- nevada, new
11:47 am
hampshire, georgia, arizona -- in which this is really tied up. two of them, new hampshire and nevada, president obama won in 2012. so we know that this race is definitely tightening up, and due to some of the things hillary clinton has said -- i'll give you a very clear example. in the '90s she called young people that look like me, frame young men -- african-american young men, super-predators. she is clearly setting herself up as the cruella deville of politics, and americans are running away from her very fast. stuart: crew well la deville of politics, that was pretty good. strong stuff, let me tell you. [laughter] >> it's true though. it's clearly true. stuart: you're a trump supporter but not -- you're not a trump supporter, are you? you're not. >> i'm a republican, i support our entire republican party. i think we need to be concerned with not just the presidency -- which i'm very thankful
11:48 am
mr. trump has definitely had a really strong three weeks. we're going into week four, and he's doing all the right things -- stuart: can he persuade you? >> absolutely! absolutely. there's no question about it. i'm supportive of our nominee without question. i don't consider myself a trump supporter more one reason and one reason only. some supporters only support the republican nominee. i support the entire republican party, not just donald trump. stuart: okay. how is the republican party doing in the down vote? i mean, like for house and senate races? >> okay. so i'll give you a very clear example. in arizona john mccain is up by 15 points, and senator kelly ayotte, she's up by 8 points. so i think -- and that's one of the races that's going to tell who controls the senate. i think at this point republicans should be cautiously optimistic. hillary clinton's campaign is obviously going down many flames. you know, as a christian, i pray for her health and her recovery.
11:49 am
i don't like her, and be i don't think she should become president, but as a christian, i pray for her well being. be even in the midst of that, she's not being honest about her health. we've been saying for weeks and weeks, something's up. she's only doing one rally here and a number of fundraisers. why ar't these questions coming to the surface, and they just continue to dodge and lie. stuart: i want to ask you, i-january know, you follow the news extremely closely, i know you do. >> absolutely. stuart: when you heard about hillary leaving the 9/11 ceremony early and then you saw the video, what came to your mind when you saw that? >> to be very honest with you, my first thought was i hope that she's well, and i pray for her recovery. that was the first thought. the second thought was donald trump was absolutely right. she doesn't seem to have the stamina to run for president, and this is a serious concern because she is somebody who could potentially become our commander in chief. and if that be the case that she's not well, then what happens if she wins and something else happens? there's another health scare? this should be concerning for
11:50 am
our entire country. politics aside, we want both our candidates from both party to be well people who can lead this country in the right direction if they were to be elected. stuart: well said, gianno caldwell. >> thank you for having me, as always. stuart: again, very close to the high of the day for the dow industrials, up 67 points as we speak. and, yes, it's time. the coveted honus wagner baseball card is going to be with me on set. it's next, watch out. ♪ muck. ♪ ♪/ now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business
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11:54 am
stuart: starting today golden auctions puts the famous honus wagner baseball card for auction. all signs point to a new record price. speculation is what you're looking at on your screen could go for $4 million. ken golden is from golden auctions, he's here, and he brought honus with us. hello, ken. can i hold that? >> absolutely. stuart: have a good look at it. there he is, okay. now i'm going to hold it. >> sure. stuart: can i? >> absolutely. stuart: okay. now, there's a story behind this, and i want you to tell us
11:55 am
what the story is. >> great. yeah, they came out with the first major trading card set in 1909, and it was published by the american tobacco company. what happened is that honus did not want his product associated with tobacco marketing to kids. so he contacted the company, and they stopped production, destroyed the plates, gave him the proofs, and very few of them got into the market. stuart: so there's obviously scarcity value -- >> correct. stuart: and the man was a great guy for doing what he did with back in. am i right in saying that the previous record for any be baseball card was $2.8 million? >> that is correct. stuart: and that was a honus wagner card. >> that's correct. stuart: you comfortably expect to break that. >> we expect this card to be the highest priced trading card ever. stuart: now we have others. next one, mickey mantle, i know who that is. how much for that one, and why is it so much? >> well, this one, we opened the
11:56 am
auction, it just opened this weekend. it closes october 1st. we put an estimate of $300,000 on the card. the bidding is currently at 300,000. mickey mantle is, if you collect art, i would say mickey mantle cards are like the andy warhol of art. it is unbelievably popular, it's somebody everybody knows, everybody group who collects loving, and this is one of the finest graded rookie cards, 7.5 out of 10. stuart: and that could go to, you think, half a million. you're hoping. >> potentially where it is now. stuart: next one, roberto clemente. >> yes, it is graded -- the key with this card, it's a mint 9, and there are only ten cards that are graded that much. the current bidding is currently at 190 with buyers' premium, that's 228,000, and we have a $500,000 estimate on that card. stuart: okay, last one, ricky henderson who i know from
11:57 am
stealing bases, and that's about it. >> yeah, exactly. greatest leadoff hitter of all time. this is to show what a modern trading card looks like, more current. this is from 1980. this card, the current bidding on this, i believe, is $24,000, and it carries a $35,000 estimate. and it's all part of the great american trading card auction at golden auctions. it's the first of its kind. 50, just 50 items, all premium cards. >> >> correct. stuart: and you say there is an explosion in value in baseball cards? five seconds? >> in the past three years, over 2,000%. stuart good lord. [laughter] >> wow. stuart: mr. goldin, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me, appreciate it. stuart more "varney" after this, promise. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
11:58 am
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.. >> we're almost at the height of the day.
12:00 pm
at 64 and 65.818108. on friday we were down nearly 400 points and we opened up this monday morning down 85. quite a turnaround. i will give it to neil cavuto who will explain exactly what's going on because i can't. neil: i'm so glad you had the memorabilia being made. it would have been ugly. that's the stuart and vince. thank you very much. a couple of big developments in the next hour. we are expected to hear from donald trump an hour from now to speak before the national guard. this will be his first public venue to reach non-to not only that hillary clinton health questions that have come up. also the comments come at the nastier comments about 24 hours
12:09 pm
stuart: scott shellady, have


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